Pickleball at HLOKC

The Healthy Living OKC Pickleball Committee is made up of 17 Level 2 and Level 3 players who attend committee meetings as needed to discuss issues related to maximizing the enjoyment of our pickleball experience and optimizing the use of available court time.

The committee meets on the third Friday of every month at 1:00pm.

To address an email message to all members of our committee, click here.

Committee members

  • Carole Ashby
  • Cathy Hall
  • Cathy Miller
  • Cindy Benzer
  • Deborrah Grisham
  • Edna Woofter
  • Judy McLemore
  • Ken Elder
  • Lorie Roberts
  • Paul Lekawski
  • Rich Swearingen
  • Rob McLemore — chairperson
  • Rocky Arrington
  • Tom Lefmann
  • Tracy Mills
  • Trayce Bradford
  • Vivianna Rigau

Training & Drills Subcommittee

  • Cathy Miller
  • Judy McLemore
  • Lorie Roberts — chairperson
  • Richard Woofter
  • Rocky Arrington
  • Rod Ferguson
  • Vivianna Rigau

Committee meeting notes